Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Bryncoch birthday treat

Perhaps there aren't too many who would consider spending a couple of hours wandering around Bryncoch Tip and the surrounding area a birthday treat! However, I do and yesterday my treat gave boosts to SN70F & SN70K, now on 117 and 78 taxa respectively. There was plenty of general interest, but the only real highlight was Ulota calvescens growing on a Hazel branch. Since its initial discovery in the county on 6th March last year, we have now recorded it in eight tetrads.


  1. Well done Barry. Happy Birthday.
    A bit of square bashing in Blaenau Dulais has brought SN80E up to 74. Nothing unusual, but a lovely bit of marshy grassland I haven't seen before with some nice heathy patches.

  2. One of the joys with square-bashing is that it takes you to places you would never have good reason to visit. I find it just as rewarding coming across unexpected areas of interest as it is to find something rare ... well almost as rewarding!