Friday, 25 March 2016

Henrhyd Falls and Penwyllt

A Good Friday expedition with Bea and Johnny included a walk behind Henrhyd Falls (which Bea had visited once, but which totally amazed Johnny), fossil hunting in the limestone of the Penwyllt quarries, and then a cwtch between Bea and some horses on the WTSWW Allt Rhongyr reserve.  My first Swallows of the spring flew past near Seven Sisters.

There were a few brief bryological distractions:

Rhytidiadelphus subpinnatus by the path down to Henrhyd Falls - first found here by Graham

An intriguingly appressed Plagiochila-like liverwort on the rockface behind the waterfall;
I hoped it might be Pedinophyllum interruptum but the leaf insertion was wrong.  However...
The leaf axils of the Plagiochila held a spherical translucent fungus, which isn't Epibryon plagiochilae -very odd!

Isothecium-like Eurhynchiastrum striatulum on wooded limestone pavement at Allt Rhongyr
Tortula subulata (poor pic, sorry) at Allt Rhongyr;
there was also some Anomobryum concinnatum and Reboulia here
We bumped into Graham, Jackie and Connor on their way to Gower; I wonder whether Graham turned his eyes away from burial chambers and towards any bryophytes...

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  1. Some nice distractions there Sam - have you had a chance to look at your possible Pedinophyllum sample yet? If it is this some directions would be appreciated as It looks an enjoyable Sandra-friendly Bryo-twitch.