Friday, 6 May 2016

Glamorgan tetrad map update

It's been just over three months since the last update, but as there's been a healthy amount of recording (4996 records for 2016 so far) the latest map update should be of help in targeting efforts. Charles and Hilary have been very busy extending the NPT coverage, with additional records to many worked squares as-well-as chipping away at RCT. George has consolidated the Cardiff tetrad castle and has even built a lookout tower on the east wing - so he can keep an eye on what Sam's up to the east! I see George has also starting building an outpost around Old Castle Down - clearly deprived of Lego as a child! ;-) I'm not sure if Sam's been able to do much in Glamorgan this year, additional to his visit to the Hafod (clearly Monmouthshire is benefiting from his move), but I see Peter's been doing bits and pieces at a variety of sites and adding to the larger picture. Note, some of Sam's data from last year is included in this update. No doubt recording will ease off as spring turns into summer when flower and bugs will quite rightly grab our attention more, but I'm sure there will days when the green fuzz proves irresistible...
[as usual the new map plus the previous one so you can flick to see the updates more clearly]


  1. I really must send you some records! I've not synced with Dave for quite a while. The Cardiff tetrad castle has been extended to the west, to bolster the defences against western outlaws.

  2. PS no longer deprived of Lego, our living room floor is currently covered in it