Thursday, 19 May 2016

Odd Orthotrichum

The above tuft was noted in a young Ash plantation near Pont-Henri, where many of the trees looked to be in very poor health. Essentially it is O. pulchellum but with capsules on very short setae, resulting in them being hidden among the shoots. I couldn't make it anything rarer unfortunately, but would be interested to know if this appearance is unusual?
The trees may be sickly, but the extra light seems to have allowed the bryophytes to do well ...
... with abundant Frullania dilatata, 3 Metzgeria spp. & Radula complanata  


  1. I think this tuft has produced a lot of extra branches on last year's cushion, and its last years growth that has produced capsules. I doubt the setae are really shorter than usual, but will be interested if they are.

  2. You're quite right Sam, just checked and the first seta I measured was 2.5mm, which is 0.5mm longer than that given by Smith.