Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Nant Cae-dudwg (part 3)

Apologies for the serialised posts from my outing way back on 2nd May - I've been struggling to find time to go through the many samples collected on the day.

This evening I finished off the samples from the stream itself which included Hygroamblystegium fluviatile (fruiting), Trichostomum tenuirostre and Lejeunea lamacerina. Best by far, though, was  a big tuft of Fissidens which turned out to be taxifolius. Why the excitement? Growing among it were a few strands of this:

Jubula hutchinsiae

I believe this is only the 4th county site, and the first in East Glam. It was well concealed among the Fissidens and shows that this distinctive species can easily be missed in the field (at least by me!) when present in small quantity.

The taxa list from the day is now up to 87 (all in one monad) with a few more still to look at...


  1. What a result! There are no Jubula records from western Monmouthshire - only from a couple of sites in the Wye Valley. It's also mighty rare in Brecs. In contrast there are plenty of sites in southern Carms, so more in western Glamorgan would be expected.

  2. Yes very nice find George, the fifth Glam tetrad in fact. But as Sam suggests I'm sure there'll be others awaiting discovery

  3. A great record for Legoland George!

  4. Thanks all. Unfortunately this tetrad spoils the lego effect a bit as it's not connected to the Cardiff lego castle. But it's nice to get out a bit further from home every now and then...