Monday, 9 May 2016

Orthotrichum rivulare on River Neath near Resolven

 While checking on the Meadow Saxifrage population on the River Neath near Resolven (not in flower yet) H and I came across a nice population of O. rivulare. Barry saw it further up the valley on a riverbank section near Glyn Neath (almost 2 years ago to the day), so it's not new for NPT, but it is pretty scarce in VC41 (I think this is is only the third record - but I might be wrong). Lots of the colonies were fruiting abundantly so I thought some reference shots would be a good idea.

Silt-encrusted Orthotrichum rivulare in flood zone of River Neath, Resolven (SN827030)

Associates included: Leskea polycarpa, Brachythecium plumosum, Schistidium rivulare, Homalia trichomanoides. 
As well as cell size, a useful microscopic character is the toothed leaf apex, although many leaves didn't show this convincingly.

Leaf apex with a few teeth


  1. Nice shots Charles. I guess there's a good probability it will be found between Resolven & Glyn-neath. Hopefully a similar probability that They turkey will stay up!

  2. Doubtless, and on the Tawe and the Afan as well - it's a good time to look for it.
    And Big Sam to pull off a miracle.