Sunday, 5 March 2017

Afon Alun

A visit to Coed-y-bwl to enjoy the Daffodil display provided an opportunity for a little bit of bryologising in this well recorded tetrad. I never saw anything of special note, though it was only the second time I've encountered fruiting Dialytrichia mucronata, which was well-established on Pont Brown. The lane walls were covered in mosses - mostly Thamnobryum alopecurum and Anomodon viticulosus - and a riverside Field Maple was heavily draped with mosses including Neckera pumila. A really lovely mossy site.


  1. I don't think I've looked at the bits in your photos, but I agree it's a wonderfully mossy place - and so much Dialytrichia along the Alun.

  2. Ive done a lot of work along the Afon Alun. As I am sure you know it is a classic limestone river, which receives most of its baseflow from groundwater (from the Carb Limestone in the most part) and in the summer will often become totally dry. Could be some interesting transition zones on banks of rivers...who knows !! Nice home made pasties in the shop in Wick Road Corntoww too !