Saturday, 11 March 2017

Campyliadelphus elodes at Kenfig

I came across what looks a good candidate for Campyliadelphus elodes at Kenfig on Thursday, with several scattered patches noted growing in a mature, unmanaged SD15a slack at SS79408067.  Plants formed wefts growing through dead leaves of Molinia and Carex nigra. Any comments on the id based on my photos welcome. For ref the key characters are the small size, strong costa running into a very long tapering leaf tip, finely denticulate leaf margins, stem leaves similar to branch leaves and lacking tiny leaf-like structures on the stem. Although not listed for Glamorgan, there is an unconfirmed record made by Sue Westwood and Julian Woodman at Brynwith Crossing SS954840 on 22 July 1993, with a comment tagged to the record stating '...needs checking SDSB', but I don't know if Sam ever got to see a voucher for this?

Also Physcia leptalea was noted on a nearby Hawthorn