Friday, 3 March 2017

Pohlia query

I struggle with Pohlia. This one was growing under bracken at Mynydd Rudry a few weeks ago. Using Smith it keys out as Pohlia wahlenbergii due to the relatively wide (17 microns) and short (60-100 microns) leaf cells. The habitat is plausible but the colour is all wrong, with the leaves being a fairly dull green, very different from the typical pale green of wahlenbergii. I found annotina elsewhere at the site, but I can't find any sign of bulbils on this sample. The tallest stems are a little over 1cm, and the leaves about 2mm long. Help please!



  1. Doesn't look like wahlenbergii, but without running it through the key I wouldn't have a clue sorry!

  2. Thanks Barry. I posted it on the bryophytes Facebook group and it was suggested it might be P. annotina lacking gemmae. Perhaps they got dislodged in transportation?