Saturday, 25 March 2017

Southernmost Aphanolejeunea

Graham and I have nearly finished our report on the oceanic bryophytes of Coedydd Nedd a Mellte SAC, with our own photos plus a few by other South Wales Bryologists.  The only gap was the Aphanolejeunea colony in the middle of the footpath to Sgwd Gwladus - in Glamorgan and the southernmost patches of this species in Britain.  Bea and Johnny were keen on a visit to the waterfall today, and I managed to surreptitiously grab a photo of the tree as well.  Double success :-)

The Aphanolejeunea tree - admire but do not collect!!

The only other bryophyte I noticed was a relatively large Fossombronia on one of the dry promontories in the river (again in Glamorgan); sadly there were no sporophytes and I didn't want to check its rhizoids because there were only two thalli.  Something to revisit.


  1. That was the first tree I saw it on when I was there in November - thanks to your previous posting with details of where to find it.

  2. That has to be the easiest twitch for this species - looking forward to the day I finally catch up with It. Also looking forward to the report...