Friday, 27 March 2015

Glamorgan Tetrad update

Dave Slade sent me another sync so thought I'd bring you all up to date, although he's still trying to figure out why Sam's 2013 records haven't been sent my way yet ... all in good time. There are 624 tetrads in Glamorgan and we now have 192 squares with 60+ species (31%), so almost a third of the way towards the nominal target! For ref  we have 144 squares with 70+ species (23%) and 51 squares with a 100 or more species (8%).

If you open up an image and use the left & right arrow keys, you can flick between the images and see progress since the last update much more effectively. Please ignore the dates on the maps and you may see some reductions in tetrad totals, these are mostly due to tidying up of boundary records.


  1. PS. Looks like George is building a castle in Cardiff!

  2. A castle to keep out you pesky westerners!

    Hmm it looks like my records for ST18C are still missing - a MapMate problem which I thought we'd resolved. I'll have to get Dave on the case again.

  3. You'll need a bigger castle than that!
    You could just try resyncing your 2014 data to ensure everything is resent.

  4. I reset my sync record and sent him a new file quite recently, so it might just be that he hasn't incorporated the records yet.