Thursday, 19 March 2015

Merthyr Common

I had a wonderful day out on the northern bit of Merthyr Common yesterday, exploring the crags and shaly overhangs above the Nant Morlais in SO0709.


A box full of samples still  to go through, but highlights so far include Hygrohypnum ochraceum (in the stream), Bartramia pomiformis (abundant along a 30m section of crag), Preissia quardata (single patch only), Scorpidium cossonii (with large Aneura growing through it, see pic), Polytrichastrum alpinum (frequent over a large area) and Palustriella commutata. Evidently, there is a fair bit of base enrichment here.

Preissia quadrata
Scorpidium cossonii and large Aneura
Bartramia pomiformis
Another nice surprise was this small clump of Fir Clubmoss, which I missed when I carried out a botanical survey here for the Merthyr Tydfil SINCs project back in 2007.
Fir Clubmoss

I'll blog again if anything else of interest turns up in the remaining samples.


  1. Well done George. That was a very under-recorded tetrad as well, I think. I'll be up that way today, taking a lunchbreak on Morlais Castle Hill and the limestone quarries prior to being involved with a film about Cwm Taf Fechan LNR.

  2. Yes, there were 29 previous records from a Pete Sturgess survey on the edge of the Ind. Est. Should be up to about 100 species once I've finished going through everything.