Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Paviland Lejeunea query

I'm assuming this is just poorly grown lamacerina, but there appears to be a hint of mandonii about it. My first attempt at sectioning the stem failed, but I'll give it another go. It was found growing in tightly grazed turf, semi-shaded (n-facing) in the lee of a rocky Limestone outcrop on the cliffs at Paviland yesterday. The widest shoots are 0.8mm wide, which is probably just a bit too much for mandonii, but the leaf shape seems good on some shoots, so thought it was worth posting for an opinion.

Also a new colony of Entosthodon pulchellus at the head of the gulley at Foxhole.

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  1. Good luck with the Lejeunea. I had small forms of L lamacerina that seemed very close to L mandonii once or twice in Pembs but their perianths indicated lamacerina. The Lady Park Wood colony looked totally distinctive when I first spotted it.

    Very exciting that you're finding these new populations of Entosthodon pulchellus. Please email me details at my work address so I can add them to the Section 42 Register.