Thursday, 12 March 2015

Id query

I photographed this at Whiteford new slack last summer and I seem to recall failing/forgetting to identify it. There's no specimen, though I'm sure it can easily be relocated as I grabbed a grid ref (SS 43252 94187) and I remember there were a few robust wefts in this area. I'm guessing Palustriella falcata or Drepanocladus cossonii, but I'm not sure if it's possible from this image?


  1. Could be worth checking against Pseudocalliergon lycopodioides too - it seems very suitable habitat and looks a bit like the plants I've seen in the dune slacks at Braunton and Ainsdale. I'd recommend having another look and getting a specimen...

  2. Thanks Peter, I did consider that, although I've only seen it once and in very different conditions, so kind of dismissed it. I'll definitely collect a specimen next time I'm down that way.

  3. Hi Barry, as luck would have it I happen to work at Whiteford and will be there next week. We monitor water levels and quality across the site but also in the new slack - so there will be 5 years or so of water level data for this species whatever it turns out to be. Ill have my good GPS with me so I could attempt to relocate and post you a sample if that helps you. When you have confirmed ID I would happily crunch some water level data to give you flood duration and depths if that is of any interest. Cheers

  4. I suspect your good GPS may end up somewhere slightly different to my iPhone GPS! It would be interesting to see if you could locate it, but don't go out of your way as I'm hoping to pop down at some point in the near future and I'll pick up a sample to scrutinise. I know I collected a sample the same day I took the photograph, I'm just not sure if I had time to look at it and I fear it got binned - I'll keep you posted.
    I'd definitely being interested to see the flood data, but I'm happy to wait to see the bigger picture in due course. Things are rather hectic at present and not sure my brain would cope with anything extra that's technical ;-)