Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Indoor mosses

I found Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans with ripe capsules in an orchid pot in a friend’s house today. At least I assume this is what it is, as while I don’t think there’s anything else that’s native it could be, there’s always the possibility of it being an alien import? The plants appeared smaller than typical elegans to me plus I couldn’t find any branchlets in the small sample I collected.
Also, last weekend I saw Leptodictyum riparium in fruit and growing well in the indoor water display at Wyevale Garden Centre in Llansamlet.


  1. I've seen Leptodictyum in the same situation at Pugh's Garden Centre, Morganstown.

  2. The leaf shape looks wrong for Pseudotaxiphyllum. It's more like a Sematophyllum species, but I don't think it's S substrum. Very intriguing and surely not something native!!