Thursday, 22 October 2015

Abercanaid query

There were some scrappy shoots amongst the Fissidens adianthoides, which at first glance looked like an interesting Cephalozia, but I'm suspecting they may just be young shoots of Lophozia excisa. Given the habitat of basic seepage on a road cutting, the latter is perhaps more likely, but without any fertile parts or gemmae it may best just be forgotten?  Any comments welcome before I do just that.
NB smallest tick marks on low power images = 25µm and at higher power = 2.5µm. The largest shoots I could find were just over 1mm wide.


  1. I'd guess a Leiocolea - badensis or alpestris/collaris

  2. Thanks, i did consider these, but clearly taking such grot material to species is not possible.