Sunday, 18 October 2015

Cefn Bryn revisted

I spent a few hours this afternoon looking for base-rich flushes on the south side of Cefn Bryn (route shown above), mostly withn SS4989 and into SS5089. Success was very limited in this respect, with most flushes being acid, and I found just 3 or 4 small basic flushes (yellow pins), the eastern-most of which proved to be a new site (and tetrad) for Scorpdium cossonii. However, my highlight was Cladopodiella fluitans which was growing in a wet acidic area as a dense mass with Cephalozia bicuspidata and a mix of Sphagnum (red pin). A small colony of Campylopus atrovirens was another unexpected bonus.


  1. It was a new species for me, which I'd just read about the day before, so I was pretty pleased. Perhaps if I hadn't I'd have dismissed it as the very similar looking Gymnocolea inflata, though as the books say this likes drier ground, lacks flagellae and of course has an inflated perianth. One to look out for whenever you're in Sphagnum cuspidatum habitat.