Friday, 2 October 2015

Ulota query

Even though the whitish spreading/erect peristome is suggestive of drummondii, I'm suspecting this is just bruchii. The habitat was unusual in that it was growing on rock (ORS quartz conglomerate) fully exposed on a south-facing slope on Cefn Bryn. I've not looked at it under the microscope yet, but if anyone has any thoughts I'd be interested to hear. Possibly one to hang on to giving the proposed split?
dry voucher
wetted plants in situ
Little else of any real note, though a good area of the perennial favourite Ptilidium ciliare amongst Heather and lichens, new for SS58.


  1. The mouth of that one looks pretty narrow, indicating U bruchii rather than the soon to be split trio of crispa, crispula and intermedia. I'm sure Ulota are turning up much more on rock now than 15 years ago, perhaps due to widespread N enrichment.

  2. Thanks Sam. Is there a key for the new species?