Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Glamorgan tetrad map update

At last I've finally been through all of the BBS data set, which together with the SEWBReC upload, means the only outstanding records missing from this tetrad update should be any records made over this summer. Cross-referencing the BBS data set enabled me to find those records of Sam's that are missing from the SEWBReC data and I was pleased to find a reasonable number of Roy's records at a suitable resolution for tetrad mapping. There were however, lots of hectad records that I did not re-enter (other than a few rares), so the main discrepancy between the MapMate dataset and that of the BBS should now only be these. For ref, I have archived all the records from the BBS data set so they do not end up as duplicates, but I'll make sure that Charles and George get these when they next sync, so they have the full data set on MapMate.

1 comment:

  1. This is great news Barry, thanks for all your hard work on the database. It is particularly good news that you managed to get a lot Roy's records down to tetrad scale. I look forward to receiving them when I next sync with Dave.