Saturday, 17 October 2015

Cefn Bryn springs and flushes

area of basic flush at SS497899, the surrounding area was otherwise acidic
I took Alfie for a short walk around a randomly selected spring head on Cefn Bryn yesterday evening and found Scorpdium cossonii and Philonotis calcarea to be locally frequent is a small flushed area. This is now the third site on the common where I have encountered these two species and I've hardly looked elsewhere. Google aerials show there are many similar looking springs and flushes all around Cefn Bryn; how many have some form basic influence will be interesting to discover. I'm sure in time these two species will prove to be a little more widespread than our records suggest.
Scorpidium cossonii & Campylium stellatum
Scorpidium cossonii & bright green patches of Philonotis calcarea
Distribution of Scorpidium cossonii in Glamorgan


  1. I looked at flushes below the road there and found a few neutral spp, but its great to have some calcicoles. I wonder whether you might find things like Blindia, Hymenosytlium or even Amblyodon, but the flushes probably aren't Limey enough.

  2. I'll keep an eye open for these. It was almost dark by the time I got there yesterday, so definitely plan to have a few more 'dog walks' over the winter. Do you think Hamatocaulis is a possibility?

  3. I think Hv is highly likely - that's what I was seeking below the road...