Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Blog comments issue

For some reason any comments I make wont publish, so apologies for posting this here until I resolve the issue. I hope no one else is experiencing the same problem, clearly Charles and George are OK.

In response to the last post:
Thanks both, good to know a few more records will be forthcoming before the end of year. George, I'll send you a separate sync file with the BBS data. We should be able to do this as a one off, circumventing SEWBReC, though it's essential that you archive these records once you upload them (no need for Charles to do this as I'm his only sync partner).
It's been a bit slower than planned getting SN60 sorted as I've been clearing up Gower and Swansea squares at the same time [plus there's work], but we're close to the minimum target for coverage in Swansea now. I aim to do more target-species recording then as well as helping out in the east when opportunities arise.
Note for Sam: There's a whole batch of data from the eastern half of Caerphilly (I think you spotted this with the Ptilidium map), which is incorrectly tagged as being part of vc41 (e.g. see Bra.rut. map below). I'll identify these sites and pass them on to Dave, so he can sort these data for you.


  1. Thanks Barry, strange your blog comments aren't coming through. If you could send me the BBS sync that would be great. When I sync with Dave I set the filter to only sync my own records (9qf), so shouldn't cause any confusion hopefully.

  2. That's promising - at least it now works from my iPad