Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Sea Bryum (Warne's Thread-moss) at Whiteford

An old dehised capsule of Bryum warneum amongst fresh ripening capsules of Didymodon tophaceus capsules at Whiteford on 26th November. 10+ fruiting plants (all old and dehised) were noted at SS4340894279 (an additional centisquare to those identified by David Holyoak - checked under microscope). The main direct associates were Pel.end., Dre.adu., Poh.wah., Ana.ten.,, Cra.fil., Cam.ste., Sam.val., & Bry.pse.


  1. I've not heard the term centisquare before. Now that really is fine scale mapping!

  2. Thought someone might enjoy that. I do nearly all my recording at 100m resolution, which when plotted makes rather blank-looking maps!