Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Glamorgan tetrad update

I have recently received sync files from Charles & Hilary (a bit a of monster one with over 8,000 vascular & bryophyte records) and a smaller number from George (via SEWBReC), so this update is intended to show what's been achieved so far this year and is intended to help target any opportunities for future square-bashing. With 15 days left we'll probably fall short of 10,000 mark this year, although data from Sam and Peter may drag us over the line. Regardless of the final figure, it's been another remarkably consistent combined effort for the last four years, so well done to all involved in getting us this far.

As usual, I've added a previous map as it shows better where the additional records have been added, simply by flicking between the two maps. Note there's a nine-month difference between the two maps. I should add that it's a little bit of a cheat, as there are also 3766 records added from the BBS database, though it was surprising how little difference these records made to the maps overall. There are of course some very valuable records in that dataset.
Glamorgan has 614 tetrads. 257 now have totals that exceed the nominal target of 60 taxa, but clearly there's a bit of an east west split, with a large proportion of the 411 East Glamorgan tetrads still in need of recording effort. It's worth noting that 23 are shared tetrads with West Glamorgan and 66 other EG tetrads are already completed, leaving a paltry 300+ EG tetrads to look at - or to put it another way ... a paltry 300+ EG tetrads left to explore!


  1. Thanks Barry, these updates are invaluable. In the next few months H and I will nibble away at some of those sub-60 tetrads in NPT and also have some trips into RCT and Bridgend. I think the group has made great progress and we now have a nice momentum. Well done everybody.

  2. You've been busy in SN60!

    There are still quite a few of my East Cardiff records missing from the map. I synced with Dave only yesterday so you should get these next time you sync with him. For some reason I don't seem to have the BBS records on my system yet (see email sent today).