Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Epipterygium tozeri

One to keep an eye open for on ditch/lane banks. This specimen was collected from the banks of a muddy ditch at Pilton Green where little else of any real note was recorded. Note the oval leaves, which are flat, have a thick border, narrow base and a strong costa that stops well short of the leaf tip. It's only the 5th time I've seen it in Gower, so may not be that frequent in the county.


  1. Glad you reminded me about this - I found a possible colony on an overhanging bank by the Taff in Radyr last winter, but at the time dismissed it as an immature specimen of something common. I've since seen it in Cornwall and now need to go back and have a look at the Radyr site...

  2. Good luck in relocating it - that would be a nice record

  3. 12 of the 29 records of Epipterygium are from stream/river banks, which seem to be a relatively typical habitat for this species away from the SW coast of Wales (eg it's commonplace on Pembs lane banks). There's a good chance George's record will be correct.