Friday, 4 December 2015

Tor Clawdd (north)

The highlights of a brief sojourn into SN60T (which before today's efforts had 25 species logged) were Pohlia drummondiiCladopodiella fluitans (amongst Sphagnum in the bog in the above photo) and Marsupella emarginata var. aquatica (on rocks in the stream below the bog, growing alongside Scapania undulata and Racomitrium aciculare), the latter being the first county site away from Craig-y-Llyn.

The P. drummondii is pretty convincing with single axillary, large (mostly 600-700 μm) reddish-brown bulbils with leaf primordia well down the bulbils. The grab shots above give a general impression. There were good numbers of plants in several clusters, each extending 10-30cm. The location was behind the boulders shown below on gravelly ground. If confirmed, this will be just the second vc41 record since Sam recorded it at Abercanaid in 2003.


  1. Parking facilities seem to be rather basic there Barry!

  2. PS: M. emarginata var. aquatica has been recorded on the Corrwg Fechan, above Glyncorrwg - see post earlier this year (March 4th)

  3. Yes, it's free though, so worth a shout if you're stuck for a parking park next time you're up that way.
    Thanks for pointing out the M.e.aqu. - good record.

  4. Excellent. I've always wanted to see drummondii.