Tuesday, 24 January 2017

0 to 33 in 2 hours

Welcome to the Austin A40 of VC41 tetrads. Sitting in the mist above Ogmore Vale, this is one of the more interesting parts of SS99K. No previous records here and Sam's words a few weeks ago 'now the hard work begins' echoed in my head after we trudged steeply up through a fairly featureless Scots Pine coupe only to find that a track that was going to take us somewhere more interesting, so clear on the map, was pure fiction. At this point we had accumulated a princely total of 32 species and it wasn't looking good for any more. But my faithful companion, convinced that Colura was lurking somewhere in that Sitka thicket, took the total to 33. There are rock outcrops to explore in other parts of the tetrad, so that total should increase.
In contrast, after an hour of recording in Ogmore Vale, we managed to take the total for SS99F to a more respectable 70.Nothing to write home about, just one comment, and I know this is not news ....but, it is remarkable how common and widespread Cololejeunea minutissima is. Like Colura, it was unknown in Glamorgan 40 years ago.

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  1. Great effort all the same and I suppose species-poor sites tell their own story! Well done for scoring another Colura goal btw - we must be getting close to 200 monads now for the species in Glamorgan now. I say 'we', but this total is largely thanks to the dedication of the Hipkin Duo.