Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Glamorgan Rare & Scarce List

Below is an update based on Pescott (2016) of Nationally Rare & Nationally Scarce taxa recorded in Glamorgan. To date there have been 7 NR and 60 NS and for quick future reference to this list I have added a 'Designations' label.

There are an addition 92 taxa that are County Rare (3 or fewer tetrads) and 70 County Scarce (4-10 tetrads). These aren't listed as the lists should shrink as better coverage is achieved.

Nationally Rare (7)
Bryum marratii
Cephaloziella calyculata
Daltonia splachnoides
Fissidens curvatus
Habrodon perpusillus
Southbya tophacea
Weissia levieri
Nationally Scarce (60)
Abietinella abietina
Aloina ambigua
Amblyodon dealbatus
Amblystegium confervoides
Amblystegium radicale
Anthoceros agrestis
Brachythecium salebrosum
Bryum canariense
Bryum intermedium
Bryum kunzei
Bryum riparium
Bryum torquescens
Bryum warneum
Campyliadelphus elodes
Campylophyllum calcareum
Campylopus subulatus
Colejeunea rossettiana
Didymodon acutus
Distichium inclinatum
Drepanocladus sendtneri
Entosthodon muhlenbergii
Entosthodon pulchellus
Ephemerum sessile
Fissidens crispus
Fissidens rivularis
Fissidens rufulus
Fossombronia caespitiformis
Grimmia orbicularis
Gymnostomum calcareum
Gymnostomum viridulum
Hamatocaulis vernicosus
Herzogiella seligeri
Heterocladium wulfbergii
Hygroamblystegium humile
Leptodontium gemmascens
Lophocolea bispinosa (Alien)
Microbryum starckeanum
Moerckia flotoviana
Petalophyllum ralfsii
Philonotis caespitosa
Plasteurhynchium striatulum
Platyhypnidium lusitanicum
Pleurochaete squarrosa
Pohlia flexuosa
Pseudocalliergon lycopodioides
Pylaisia polyantha
Racomitrium canescens
Rhytidiadelphus subpinnatus
Riccia huebeneriana
Scapania cuspiduligera
Scapania paludicola
Scopelophila cataractae
Seligeria acutifolia
Seligeria donniana
Seligeria pusilla
Sematophyllum substrumulosum
Tortella inclinata
Tortula atrovirens
Ulota calvescens
Weissia rutilans
Weissia levieri (Levier's Beardless-moss) Rhossili 16-Feb-2011


  1. The nationally scarce list has a few oddities doesn't it (Did nic and Brac mil stand out) - I guess, like with the moths where the NS list includes species such as Devon Carpet, it's a bit out of date and includes species which have increased recently or just been under-recorded in the past.

    Perhaps Splachnum sphaericum should be on there alongside ampullaceum?

  2. The NR list was updated in 2010 (FB #100) and the NS list was published in 2006 (FB #90), so they're not too much out of date, though clearly the populations of some species have shown marked changes.
    The 2011 Welsh Red Data List produced by Sam and Trevor is of course more up to date and is invaluable for recognising the importance of bryophytes in a Welsh context.

  3. There's an updated NR & NS in the May 2016 Field Bryology, available on the BBS Website. All the increasing stuff like Didy nich, Colo min etc was removed. Sadly it takes a while for status updates to reach the recording Software. A GB Red List revision by Des Callaghan and Nick Hodgetts is being reviewed by other BBS members at the moment so is imminent.

  4. Thanks Sam. I usually read FB front to back when it arrives, but I'm ashamed to say I only partially read FB #115 before it disappeared under other reading material. Ironically I've taken plenty back issues to read in the bath since it arrived! Anyway, great to have this update which I'll now use to correct the Glamorgan list and at least now i can see how it's changed...