Monday, 2 January 2017

Urban Bryums

An interesting-looking compact Bryum collected from Burry Port train station platform on the 30th December proved to be violaceum - smooth violet rhizoids bearing small tubers, some violet-tinted. Only a few well-grown patches were noted in the mossy gravelled area shown below. Whilst tuberous Bryums are more typically associated with arable habitats, there are plenty urban situations where this group might pop up from time to time.

Today, another more conspicuous Bryum was collected from the base of a galvanised fence at the back of B&Q in Gorseinon, where it formed deep cushions. In addition to abundant unripe sprophytes, a few old capsules were found and whilst it was pretty convincing for pallescens, the few young sporophytes examined appeared not to be paroecious. I'm suspecting these cushions are autoecious, but they were so dense and tomentose below that it was nigh on impossible to determine their reproductive strategy. I have it logged as pallescens, but any advice would be welcome. I'm not sure if there are any other species of Bryum likely to be found in this situation?

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  1. Well done with the B. violaceum - I keep checking Bryum specimens with violet rhizoids but so far they have always proved to be B. ruderale (papillose rhizoids and large tubers).