Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Llanelli 1919 tower

Ian Morgan tipped me off about a site with contaminated ground at the former tin works by the 1919 tower at Machynys (SS520988). So, today on a return journey from Llanelli, I made a brief visit to the area immediately east of the tower. Unfortunately I later found out that the area west of the tower is the main area of contamination, so I’ll have to look at this next time I’m passing. Consequently the list of 28 species noted today included few species to indicate that the area I searched was heavily contaminated, the only ones mildly suggestive of contamination including Cephaloziella hampeana frequent (photo 2), Solenostoma gracillimum rare, Weissia controversa var. controversa occasional and Lophozia excisa locally frequent (photos 3-4), the latter with odd bryophilus spore-producing bodies attached (photos 3-6) - if anyone can shed any light on these it will satidfy my curiosity. NB spores 10μm.

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