Saturday, 21 January 2017

Selar square-bash

SN80W & SN80X needed a few extra records to get them over the 60 mark, so I took an afternoon stroll, wrongly thinking the frost would have largely gone. Unfortunately, the ground and vegetation was still solid, but I eventually managed to push up the totals to 81 and 103 respectively. Although hampered by the frost, the spoil bryos appeared to be pretty limited in the edge area I looked at, Lophocolea bispinosa the only thing of any note. The remnant broad-leaved woodland along the Nant Selar was quite ordinary, though the main water course looked/sounded quite promising from the path above. I haven't ventured into coniferous woodland too often in recent years, so it was nice to experience the luxuriance of the Larch plantations again.
L. bispinosa on spoil

 Sitka vs Larch field layers

 Lots of P. undulatum under Larch

There were a few small falls on the Nant Selar, 
the walls below mostly dominated by Saccogyna viticulosa

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  1. The association that Lophocolea bispinosa has with coal tips in South Wales is intriguing.