Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Aberdulais Jungermannia query

Here are a couple of pics of the non-fruiting Jungermannia from the drippy cliff at Aberdualis – the assemblage included Tha.alo., Fis.osm., Pel.end., Cra.fil., Gym.aer., etc. so with some basic influence. I’m not expecting a definitive outcome but the purplish rhizoids and cell measurements [leaf cell width (n=10) 39.5µm & cortical cell width (n=10) 36.6µm] are suggestive of Solenostoma (J.) paroicum – any thoughts welcome.


  1. Just below and left of the centre of your pic there's a rudimentary perianth subtended by a saccate male bract: this is good paroicous S paroicum! Well done.

  2. Thanks Sam, that was a better result than I was hoping for :-)

  3. Just annotated the pic to show where the bracts and perianths are.