Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Ptilidium pulcherrimum challenge

Sam mentioned yesterday that he last saw Ptilidium pulcherrimum in Monmouthshire in St. Mary's Vale on edge of Abergavenny in 2001-ish.  It was on one of the thousands of oak trees in the woodland there, so re-finding it if it still grows there seemed a bit of a challenge.  I happened to have car today so nipped up there at lunch time as I thought that even if I couldn't find the Ptilidium I could at least pay my respects to the Bazzania trilobata that grows there.  After half hour of searching I came to a small clearing with a fairly large oak tree and there on the lower horizontal branch were some orangey patches of Ptilidium (sorry about poor photos - taken on phone).  It looks like most of the moss and some Ptilidium has fallen off the tree fairly recently.

I had a look around the tree tops to see if there was any Usnea articulata - no joy, but a couple of tufts of Usnea florida were nice to see this far east.  

Back down the slope examining old stumps for some of the scarcer Dicranum species - again no luck, just Orthodontium lineare.  Lots of Bazzania though and looking very healthy.


  1. Very productive Graham, you need to get use of the car more often.

  2. I said it was impossible to refind - well done and thank you!

  3. I'll try and work out exact grid ref. Cheers