Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Dim Splachnum o gwbl

I spent about 50 minutes looking at nothing but horse and cattle dung on the Gelli-Organ section of Mynydd Carn-goch today SS6099. There was lots of poo in various states of decay and in a range of wet and dry situations, but none with anything other than the odd bit of Kindbergia sprawling over it or Polytrichum poking up through it. Hopefully the Gower commons prove more productive.


  1. That's a shame - that site seemed like a good bet. Better luck next time...

    By the way it's SS not SN, unless you were in Tywyn :-)

  2. Thanks George, I may have been within 100 metres of SN, but 100 miles from SN6099!

  3. Not sure I have ever seen Splachnum on horse dung. Be interested to know if anyone else has - perhaps it is too fibrous?