Monday, 1 December 2014

Calliergonella lindbergii on tarmac

Our lane gets little traffic and has a well-developed moss strip along its centre.  Didymodon insulanus and D. nicholsonii are the dominant species, and I have even found D. nicholsonii with abundant ice crystals growing all over it so I don't think its increase in lowland Britain is (solely) the result of climate change.  Anyway, yesterday I noticed some Calliergonella (=Hypnum) lindbergii among the mosses on the tarmac, neatly linking two previous Blog threads.


  1. I was wondering the other day if lindbergii might also occur in impoverished lawns (especially those with waxcaps), as they get regular 'grazing' just like roadside verges. None in my lawns though.

  2. I don't see it much in churchyards; could probably work out a figure for Carms and Pembs...