Thursday, 4 December 2014

More urban bryos

I've had few opportunities to get out this week, so despite all this exciting Splachnaceae banter, it's back to the humble Pogonatum aloides, which I managed to add to my home tetrad SS59Z this week. I found a small patch in fruit on soil/rock exposure at a building plot in Penyrheol Road no further than 140m from my house, growing along with two other common species that were surprise tetrad ticks; Dicranella heteromalla and Fissidens viridulus, taking my largely urban home tetrad total to 109 taxa.
this plot has been on stand still for about 4 years,
the concrete base in the foreground is covered in Bryum argenteum
Here's the Marchantia polymorpha subsp. ruderalis on tarmac in Princess Street, Gorseinon.

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