Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The other Welsh Splach

Whilst on the subject of Splachnaceae, it is always worth checking areas of scree in case of carcasses with Tetraplodon mnioides.  This is the primary (perhaps the only) habitat of this moss in south Wales (VCC 35, 42 and 44) but in mid Wales (46, and just creeping over the border into NE Carms) and the north it is far more abundant on lead mines.

And this is what it looks like with sporophytes - photo from N Wales.

Plus a fruiting Splachnum sphaericum from Snowdonia.

Actually, there is one other Welsh Splach - a single Snowdonia record of T. angustatus.  One we can hope for on next summer's BBS meeting.


  1. another place I've seen tetraplodon is on decaying bird pellets wedged between boulders on moorland

  2. Perhaps growing on the bones within the pellets? Another one I'd love to find