Sunday, 8 February 2015

a few more pics showing fertile / reproductive features to look out for

I just had a quick look through photos to see if I had examples of other features to look out for ....

large gemmae on leaf tips of Grimmia hartmanii (lots in Neath waterfalls area and near Penderyn so should hopefully get into Glam - it may well be on the Glam side of the Afon Nedd above the Angel Inn); tiny plantlets on Leucodon;  male Lunularia; short fruits on Breutelia usually well tucked away in middle of tufts.


  1. That's really helpful Graham. There's lots of apparently suitable habitat for Grimmia hartmanii at the top of the Neath Valley, so it's on our radar.

  2. I'm pretty sure from the Lunularia photo that I've only ever seen female plants.