Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Llandaff Didymodon umbrosus

For ref., here are some of the images that I have of my spec., hopefully of some use in your search George. They were collected about 1m from the ground on the north-facing wall of the cathedral ST15587812. As I had no idea what it was when I collected it I never took any site shots.


  1. Many thanks Barry. The narrow, hyaline marginal cells at the leaf base look just as shown in Smith, and very different from my specimen. I'm not sure exactly where mine came from but it was probably about half way along the northern side.

    I'll have to try again!

  2. PS I need to wait til we've had some rain before trying again - everything is so dried up at the moment that small species are hard to spot. I guess the widely spreading leaves of umbrosus should be more obvious when it's moist.

  3. The freezing and dry conditions haven't been much help recently, but hopefully things will perk up soon. I should thanks to Sam for alerting me to the possibility of this being umbrosus as I was well and truly stuck before sending him a query.