Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Glamorgan Tetrad update

I received George's records today, so thought an updated tetrad map might be of interest/help. Note that Sam's 2013 and 2014 data have still yet to be added; Dave Slade informs me that he is hoping to do this next week, so I'm sure there will be nice a selection of high scoring additions to come.
The winter has seen slow but steady progress since the last update in October, but there's still bags of virgin territory to explore and enjoy, especially so in the east. I can see the darker shades have spread in and around Cardiff as George has cast his net further afield and the NPT block solidifies and darkens further with the continuance of Charles and Hilary's monumental efforts. It's also worth mentioning the addition of Peter's (Sturgess) records, which have erased many of the 0 squares in the south-east of the county and welcome him to the blog. I'm still trying to plug away at SN60, which is now half done and I've filled in some of the gaps around Swansea's urban fringe and on the peninsula. Finally you may notice that a lot of squares have lost one or two taxa; this is mainly the a result of a database tidy up which has removed many of the duplicate bi/trinomial discrepancies.


  1. Thank you Barry, that's excellent. Well done to everybody.

  2. I think that's pretty good progress in less than 4 months since the last map, the only problem being that the remaining areas to target are further from our homes.

    Quickly eyeballing the map suggests nearly all of my records are there, but I recorded 37 species in ST18C on 01/11/14 which are all missing (this tetrad had the mapped 7 species recorded before I visited). These records don't seem to have gone to SEWBReC since I re-set my sync record, so that's another MapMate problem to chase up with Dave, *sigh*.