Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Orthotrichum cupulatum (in North Wales)

A meeting in Bangor only left me with a few spare minutes to poke around for bryophytes, so I was pleased to encounter Orthotrichum cupulatum for the first time. It was growing on a wall top near the pier, alongside O. anomalum - and looking strikingly different from it with the much shorter setae. Shame I didn't have a camera as it would have made for a nice comparison of the two species.

I guess it's now time to start looking for this species down here, as well as those other Orthotrichum species which can only be confidently identified in the spring.

Orthotrichum cupulatum
Orthotrichum cupulatum capsule

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  1. With just 13 tetrads logged for Glam on my system, there's definitely scope for improvement with this one.