Thursday, 5 February 2015

Didymodon rigidulus with missing tips?

I collected a sample from a sunny concrete wall at Pencoed Rugby Club (of all places) today. It looks good for Didymodon rigidulus in all respects except that many of the leaf tips are missing (and they look like they've been shed rather than chewed off by slugs). Is this species known to lose its leaf tips? I can find no mention of it in the books I have.

I'm pretty sure it's not Didymodon sinuous as the margins are recurved (and entire) and the nerve is very strong.



  1. From what you describe, that could be something very interesting, so please hang on to the specimen or send it to me or Tom Blockeel. There's a rare European species called D erosus, which is a bit like a straight-leaved D sinuosus, but Didymodon is a difficult genus so you could have a funny form of something common.

  2. Hmm interesting, thanks Sam. I'll try and get some pics down the microscope. I found a paper on D erosus online and it doesn't look a very good match (shame!), so your alternative suggestion of 'a funny form of something common' is more likely.