Monday, 11 January 2016

2015 Glamorgan update

2015 records from the main contributors are now almost all in, so an update seemed timely. Still with Sam's data to come through the system, we only fell short of the 10,000 mark last year by just 456 records, so again well done for all the hard effort. I know it's only been a month since the last update, but I've added the previous update alongside the current map as it's always encouraging to flick between the two to see the advances more clearly. Here's hoping for some drier weather to encourage us out a little bit more!


  1. I made 1642 records from VC41 in 2015, so I think we're over the 10K :-) I'll send them soon, Barry.

  2. Great stuff, looks like you've got nearly all of mine now.

    Nice to see my home tetrad is up to 93 taxa.

  3. That's great news Sam, as it will make 2015 the most productive year on record, plus a good target for 2016!
    George, pleased to see that Dave has finally resolved your missing records, which together with Peter's contribution sees further expansion of the Cardiff super-square...
    I note too that Charles and Hilary are venturing eastwards and starting to make up ground beyond the boundaries of their beloved NPT