Thursday, 28 January 2016


I enjoyed an extended lunch break at Craig y Parc wood, near Creigiau, today, with the intention of topping up ST08V. I did some recording before Christmas in calcareous woodland elsewhere in this tetrad, so the fact that Craig y Parc was mostly dull as ditchwater - dry acidic mixed woodland with low bryophyte diversity - didn't matter too much as many of the species were at least new for the tetrad.

Interest was greater in the eastern part of the wood where there was a small stream which must have had some basic influence, with a nice range of species including a large frilly-edged form of Aneura pinguis, a small patch of Hookeria lucens, Pellia endiviifolia and Cratoneuron filicinum.

I checked numerous conifer stumps with Sematophyllum substrumulosum in mind, but all I found was Hypnum, small amounts of Lophocolea heterophylla and one patch of Riccardia chamaedrys...until one of the last stumps I checked revealed a patch of what I think is the real seems to have all the hallmarks (apart from the brownish leaf base): short red setae, long-beaked capsules, nerveless leaves with enlarged alar cells. Surely this has to be it? Confirmation (or not) would be much appreciated!



  1. Looks spot on to me George, you've beaten me too it - congratulations!

  2. Well done George - that's substrum. I think I only had it once in Glamorgan, or perhaps not at all. I know I've seen it a couple of times in Carms and in SW, mid and NE Mons. It's widespread but takes a lot of hunting!

  3. Thanks all. Yes, I must have checked 20+ stumps and found it on just the one.

    Sam - would it be a new VC record if you haven't recorded it already? It's not shown for VC41 on the County Lists tab on the blog.

  4. I'm pretty sure it is a new VCR George, unless Sam saw it last year. I say you beat me to it as a couple of weeks back I started specifically searching for it, but without any joy ... I'll keep on searching buoyed by your success.

  5. Thanks Barry - will send a sample to Tom then, unless I hear otherwise from Sam.

    Yes it must be in your area somewhere, I guess it's the kind of species where you need a bit of luck to chance across it.

  6. I don't think I did any targeted Sem sub searching in Glam last year so you're right - an excellent nvcr. Sorry for confusion. I got muddled with the Hensol Herzogiella.