Sunday, 24 January 2016

Slime, samples and Scorpidium

Myself and Jon Graham have been back out all weekend completing our Scorpidium sampling that we started last year. Our aim is to sample water chemistry from the three Scorpidium species (revolvens, scorpioides and cossonii) to illustrate the variation in chemistry preferred by each species......anyhow more on that later in the year.
  • George - we sampled your site at Story Arms - very useful thanks ! 
  • Sam -your maps were really helpful thanks again
So below for fun is a picture of the chemical samples, before they get sent of to the BGS labs. All the data will be availble when we are finished (we also have about 25 species specific samples from Jan 2015).

water chemistry samples from Scorpidium before delivery to BGS labs


At our last site we saw some really nice spring domes, great for water samples etc. One however had the strangest slime coming from it. It was slightly opaque, and I have taken a sample but have no idea what it is? Anyone seen anything like this before? or know anyone who would want a sample in the post !

nice looking spring mound with Scorpidium revolvens (note slime in the middle)

close up of the slime !