Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Pant St Brides

Today's Butterfly Conservation South Wales Branch work party on the eastern slopes of Ogmore Down (SS895757) allowed me a few minutes here and there to investigate the bryophytes growing on wooded limestone outcrops. These did not disappoint, with some good patches of Marchesinia mackaii and Neckera crispa as well as a small amount of Scapania aspera. Both the Scapania and Marchesinia are new for hectad SS87 I think.

Earlier in the day we were on Ewenny Down (SS908762) and under the trees was a small patch of Hookeria lucens, which I think is new for SS97.

These records highlight the fact that this area really needs some proper survey effort (let me know if you're down that way and fancy meeting up).

In the photo below, taken from Ewenny Down, the Ogmore Down site is behind Old Castle Down in the middle distance, to the left of the photo.


  1. Some very good records there George in an area which should produce more rewards in time. I'll keep you posted should I be venturing that way - Entodon is a target I'm keen to pursue, so the more eyes the better.

  2. Entodon would be very exciting.

    Went through a few samples from the Ogmore Down site this evening - plenty of Eurhynchium/Plasteurhynchium striatulum which is a new one for me.