Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Mynydd Emroch/Cwm Dyffryn (SS79V)

A brief note, intended as much to save Charles and Hilary a duplicate visit, to say that yesterday afternoon a little bit of pit-stop recording in what were fairly typical hillside/valley habitats above the threatened Port Talbot Steelworks took the square onto 77 species. The photo below shows a section of bank of the Ffrwd Wyllt, characterised by sheets of Pellia endiviifolia and patches of Plagiothecium succulentum, though Hyocomium armoricum and Thamnobryum alopecurum were among the abundant species around the viaduct.


  1. PS. I'm not sure why the blog has been doing odd things recently (presumably blogger software updates), but I've managed to bring it back to a similar format and I have widened the main post width, so that extra large photos no longer go over the edge. If anyone sees features on other blogs they think may be of use, or are unhappy with the format, please let me know and I'll adjust accordingly.

  2. Thanks Barry, you added 54 species by my reckoning. I think we had only recorded along a forestry track on Mynydd Emroch in that tetrad, so it was a target for a revisit.