Saturday, 16 January 2016

Oxwich Wood cliff

The western half of the cliff, with one of the gigantic boulders from the recent rock-fall at the extreme left.
The scrubbed section at the base of the cliff held most of the interest.
Last week I spent a couple of hours looking at the north-east-facing cliff of Oxwich headland, that overlooks Oxwich Bay. There were plenty of expected calcicoles of interest, including plenty of tufa-forming Eucladium, but no real surprises,. I need to take another look at some speculative Oxyrrhynchium schleicheri, but otherwise the most interesting species of note was Plagiochila britannica, which was growing quite luxuriantly in shaded sections of damp drippy cliff.
 Plagiochila britannica & Eucladium verticilatum

Eucladium verticilatum

 The far section of new cliff created by the rock fall a couple of winters back
I must admit being a bit nervy looking at the base of this section!

Cobalt Crust Pulcherricium  (=Terana) caeruleum

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  1. There seems to a bit of a fungus thing going on here. Pulcherricium benefits from mild winters and may be increasing in response to climate change.