Sunday, 30 November 2014

Rhossili Bay

Some casual observations during a walk to the Old Rectory at Rhossili this afternoon produced two new species for me: Pogonatum nanum and Weissia perssonii, both being found on the fine loamy soils around Devonian Sandstone & Conglomerate outcrops.  The Weissia was locally frequent and was fruiting freely. Although the capsules were unripe, pulling them apart under the microscope revealed a rudimentary peristome and the strong costa with elongated, smooth adaxial cells.
Pogonatum nanum
Also noted were a few robust patches of Saccogyna viticulosa in one of the gulleys, a few patches of Riccia subbifurca on anthills otherwise dominated by Ceratodon and a little Reboulia hemisphaerica among the Rectory walls assemblage. Given these really were just casual observations (I was pushing Alfie in his ‘doggyhut’ most of the time!), there must be scope for plenty other discoveries along this section of coast, which is geologically very different from much of Gower’s Limestone coast.
Riccia subbifurca
ant hill in foreground location of R. subbifurca


  1. Definitely a site that needs more work! Fantastic to get the Pogonatum nanum.

  2. Not bad for a casual walk - 4 species I've never seen right there!

  3. Some days you go out and try really hard and just see the same old, other days things just present themselves to you - we finished off by revisiting the Woodlark field and there they were too!