Thursday, 27 November 2014

A challenge for Ian

Why is Pogonatum aloides so much more scarce in the Llanelli area (SE Carms) than the rest of VC44?  At the time of the Flora we assumed this was the result of selective collecting by Ian and Nigel, and that somehow their bags of moss hadn't included Pogonatum.  Subsequently I have recorded in the majority of the tetrads in SE Carms and have only found a few P. aloides sites.  So, Ian's challenge is to find some more populations of this very distinctive species!  It grows as a colonist on more or less bare soil on lane banks.

Most of the gaps in the north-west are unvisited tetrads, whereas most of those in the south-east have been looked at to some degree by me.


  1. Only just seen this blog! me work Sam! I`ll keep my eyes open.

  2. Well the moth season is almost over and I don't want you to get bored!