Friday, 28 November 2014

Tracking down missing records

In an attempt to to help identify the records missing from the MM data set, I've set up a temporary page on the tabs above labelled 'VC41 data status'. This combines Sam's VC41 list with the list generated by MapMate. The columns provide summaries of the number of records in MM, together with first and last dates for each species.


  1. Does the 1975 record for Jubula hutchinsiae refer to a site in VC41? According to Ray Woods, the Nant Celin population is in Brecon. If anyone else knows of another population from that time actually in VC41, let me know. Otherwise the first VC41 record for this species is 2014 (Glynneath).

  2. I think you're right Charles, once confirmed I'll change the VC number.

  3. The Jubula is one of Martha Newtons records from the stream on north side of the housing estate and a couple 100m into Brecks - I think the only other interesting bryo from there was Fissidens rivularis.


  4. the correct answer ( although I think Ray Woods found the original colonies). Thank you Graham. So the J. hutchinsiae record for Glynneath is the first county record.

  5. Actually just checked and editing this site will put the following records for x into VC42 - Graham I wonder if you can shed any light on these records?
    Jamesoniella autumnalis 1975 Unknown (CCW database)
    Dicranum flagellare 1975 Unknown (CCW database)
    Fissidens rivularis 1975 Unknown (CCW database)
    Fissidens rufulus 1975 Unknown (CCW database)
    Jubula hutchinsiae 1975 Unknown (CCW database)
    Ctenidium molluscum 10-Sep-96 RM
    Dicranella heteromalla 10-Sep-96 RM
    Dicranum majus 10-Sep-96 RM
    Dicranum scoparium 10-Sep-96 RM
    Diplophyllum albicans 10-Sep-96 RM
    Hypnum andoi 10-Sep-96 RM
    Hypnum cupressiforme 10-Sep-96 RM
    Brachythecium rutabulum 10-Sep-96 RM
    Isothecium myosuroides 10-Sep-96 RM
    Thuidium tamariscinum 10-Sep-96 RM
    Lepidozia reptans 10-Sep-96 RM
    Leucobryum glaucum 10-Sep-96 RM
    Mnium hornum 10-Sep-96 RM
    Plagiochila asplenioides 10-Sep-96 RM
    Polytrichastrum formosum 10-Sep-96 RM
    Polytrichum commune 10-Sep-96 RM
    Rhizomnium punctatum 10-Sep-96 RM
    Rhytidiadelphus loreus 10-Sep-96 RM
    Sphagnum quinquefarium 10-Sep-96 RM
    Hypnum cupressiforme 10-Sep-96 RM

  6. NB x = Blaenau Nedd and Mellte SSSI (SN8908)

  7. I can shed some light here. Firstly, Martha Newtons survey (The Waterfall Area Project, Brecon Beacons National Park: Bryophyta and Filmy Fern Survey) was published in 1994. This is almost certainly the original source of the Sphagnum quinquefarium record, which is definitely from the Glamorgan side of the Afan Pyrddin. It seems likely that many of the 1996 entries are derived from Martha's records. For example she recorded Jamesoniella from the Nedd Fechan, Mellte and Hepste valleys, ALL of which are in Brecon. I think the 1975 records may be from a survey that Ray Woods did, but I'm not sure about that. Records from the Pyrddin valley are particularly problematic, since the river is the VC border for Glam and Brecs. So, records of S. quinquefarium are OK (and Breutelia chrysocoma) but stuff like Blindia acuta and Loeskeobryum brevirostre, which are on the other side of the river, alas, are in Brecon. Of course, if we are aiming for a tetrad map of South Wales, which would be fantastic, it doesn't matter.

  8. Barry / Charles - the RM records from 1996 are from woodland surveys undertaken by Richard Mileto and his partner for CCW - they weren't bryologists, so tended to record mainly common species. I suspect the Leucobryum is L. juniperoideum. I'll dig out the report to see if they did actually record in the Glam bits of the site. I'll also dig out a list Sam and I made from the Pyrddin - think it might have been one of last days Sam worked out of Abergavenny office before heading off to Pembs.
    I have seen Sphagnum quinqefarium on Glam side of Nedd/Pyrddin and also on Glam side of Sychryd - these records should be in BBS dataset. The Nedd Fechan is stuffed full of Jamesoniella, though it thins out a bit as you get near to junction with the Pyrddin - it would probably be worth a systematic search of trees on Glam side of Nedd on approach to Sgwd Gladwys - a few years back Sam and I looked at a few and managed to find goodies like Aphanolejeunea, Plagiochila bifaria and there are a few patches of Rhytidiadelphus subpinnatus scattered about, though if you not familiar with it just cross over the bridge into Brecks and then immediately across the second bridge, which is now re-opened, and follow the path downstream for a short way - the bank above the path has frequent patches.


  9. PS - i'll check out those 1975 records - may be duplication of dates by BIS - one of their data inputters created lots of errors by taking records from SSSI citations and for big sites such as Blaenau Nedd a Mellte which quoted multiple grid references and multiple dates for different notifications, the records were then applied to all dates and all grid references. I hoped we had weeded most out of the BIS dataset, but possible that records were shared with SEWBrec before the weeding happened.

  10. Thanks Graham, it will be good to tidy up the records from this important site